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At 125.6 lbs. I’m seriously at a plateau. Already? How does this thing wooorrrrrk?

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snow-white working it out - bicycle cruches


snow-white working it out - bicycle cruches

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At 126.8 lbs. It’s almost August and I haven’t lost half of the weight I wanted to. Whatever weight I’m at by the time I get to school, I can only hope to maintain it. Freshman 15, so I heard, is no lie.

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Losing weight is so frustrating. Less than five days of bad eating and I’m already back to where I started?

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My first cardio workout after a few bad days, and my calves are burning! I’m usually able to complete this workout without taking breaks. Wtf?

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7-23-13 Diet Update

It’s been more than a week and my eating habits have gone to shit. I weighed myself this morning and read 128.6 lbs. I had a HUGE dinner last night so I don’t believe that this is my real weight, but it’s still disheartening to read. I haven’t been working out consistently. One day completely threw my schedule off. Planning to go back on track today with some ab and core workouts. I can feel myself losing muscle. 

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7-15-13 Diet Update

After a couple days of having a static weight (including two days of crap eating), I now weigh 125.4 lbs. My weight is coming down ridiculously slow, but I know that I am doing something right. 

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I’m gaining leg muscle. And it feels good. B-)

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7-10-13 Diet Update

Yesterday morning, I weighed in at 127.0 lbs, which was very discouraging. But I was proud that I did not lose hope. I exercised as usual, drank plenty of water, and now I’m at 126.0 lbs. Making progress, even though I’m crawling my way there. It’s annoying that I’m not dropping pounds quickly, but I suppose that the hardest route is the healthiest.

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